What is failure?

Some people believe failure is making a mistake, like failing a test or a mental lapse at work.

This definition is 1,000 % wrong.

The correct definition of Failure is giving up. 

While some condemn mistakes, visionaries see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Why do life, if you can't embrace mistakes and learn from them?  True leaders understand this.

Since I honorably discharged from the Army in 2013, I have been searching for my Entrepreneurial  niche.

I tried my hand in different areas.  

In the summer of 2014, I started my own landscaping business, called NoahGuy Curb Appeal.  After 4 months, I closed it down to go to college full time.

Two times, while using my GI Bill, I tried financial advising. I had a vision of starting my own advising company one day.  I soon discovered that I am not passionate about selling a product that is not my own.

The Summer of 2016 I tried business coaching.  The NoahGuy brand carried on with NoahGuy Brand Appeal.  Again it wasn't my niche.

Right before graduation, I thought about joining the Houston Police department to help the city I love.  I chewed on it and realized I wouldn't be able to use my creativity to the fullest potential.

Throughout all this God helped find my niche.  The digital niche.  Software development and content creation.  Today I am active in content creation with blogging and I am learning software development for the future.

Finding a niche,  is like dipping your foot in the pool to test the temperature.  You have to get wet.

In a perfect world, I would of been more patient, and hope to be more patient in the future, but we are human.  We make mistakes.  Learn from them, and grow.  Then help others with that experience.

Along the way, I had a mentor who criticized me for trying too many things.  In his mind, I was being indecisive.  

In my mind, I was stepping out and testing the water.

Do not be afraid to test the water, and ignore the critics.  Keep digging, but have some patience along the way.

God will lead you to your niche.  Trust Him.