I dream of a day when no person or corporation dictates my schedule.

On a Monday,I want to wake up early, exercise, spend time in God's Word and know that if I choose spend the entire day with my family I have full freedom to do that.

But to have that freedom, it takes more work and commitment than any company would ever require.

It takes discipline of time and true diligence to build financial freedom.

If you are like me, you want freedom from Corporate America.

Entrepreneurship creates Financial Freedom, Wealth, creativity, etc, but the most important thing that it creates is freedom.

It creates the freedom to plan work around your family.

To me, besides living for God, building relationships is the most important thing on this planet.

The first two people in my life are my wife and daughter.  

Sometimes work gets in the way of spending quality time with them.

Entrepreneurship takes a lot of work, but it also creates freedom to choose how you work.

I want the freedom to work around my family.  My squad.

My daughter is two years old.  I am going to blink, and she'll be 18.

I want her growing up seeing Dad build a foundation that she can incorporate into her family one day.  

Create freedom for your SQUAD.