Many people have great ideas, but never act.  Fear keeps them still.

Our society has the idea that doing what you do not enjoy for 20+ years is acceptable so you can retire and relax for the rest of your life.

What a waste of time and resources.

I say start doing what you enjoy now and do it for the rest of your life.  

I am not saying life is perfect and you are going to enjoy your work right off the bat, but you can start working toward your dream now.

Turn off the TV and delete that netflix tab.  

Start your dream today.

Start your dream out as a side hustle and work toward it full time.

This allows you to build a foundation while bringing in income to live on.

I have heard a person say, "I will start a business when I retire."

What? Why?

Start your business today.

Build it slowly, carefully and debt free.  Build a foundation that will last generations.

Doesn't that beat retirement filled with sitting around, getting old and relaxing in the hospital?

That is not putting your retirement check to best use.

But if you start building a business now, you will have something substantial to enjoy the fruits from and pass on to the next generation.

Start today.