My Journey into Tech Heaven

Two months ago I was stuck in Technology Hell. I was at a company that had almost no digital initiative. if you suggested software as a solution for better workflows and efficiency, you got the deer in the headlight look.

I had been in this hell for almost 2 years. A young Veteran techie engulfed in an environment where it seemed like leadership didn’t care about advancing in technology.

In 2018, I set a goal for myself. I was be working in the tech industry in 3 years.

That goal came much earlier than I envisioned. In November of 2018, as my mouth watered for turkey, I was let go, thus freed from this Luddite prison.

Truthfully, I was looking elsewhere before being freed, but now I had ample time to devote to finding the right company. A company that loved technology and wanted to use it to make life more efficient.

Full of turkey, I sat down with NextOp, a non profit veteran organization helps veterans find careers in the energy sector. This is their niche being stationed in Houston, TX. I asked for a tech company and NextOp helped me find one of the few software companies in Houston. In other words I found a needle in a hay stack. I could have been inpatient and jumped at a chemical plant job, like many people recommended, but I stayed focused.

Today, I am in Technology Heaven.

NextOp found a software company that solves logistical issues for energy companies.

The company started a Veteran Intern Program because of the vast amount of veterans they saw in the logistics and energy sector.

I am two months into my internship and loving every minute.

I get to be around like minded people who love technology and help people improve their workflows with software.

Email and spreadsheets as a workflow is a problem. Software is the solution.

My advise for fellow veterans trying to get into the tech industry? Don’t give up. Block out the noise from people. Set a goal of when and how and GO!

One day when I start my own software company, this will be the milestone that set me on that path.

It started with a dream and goals. I knew I needed to work in the industry. Here I am.

Do not give up.