Servant Leadership

Photo by  Isaac Benhesed  on  Unsplash

It’s not about you as the entrepreneur; as the risk taker. It’s about the people that are helping you take the risk and gain the reward.

The more we ask this question, “How can I serve you and make your job more enjoyable” the more successful a business will be.

When we ask this question, take action and proactively seek continuous improvement, the people below you will feel loved and appreciated.

When people feel loved and appreciated, they will work harder, be more creative and innovative. People are not robots, lets treat them like people should be treated. Servant Leaders set this standard.

Along the way, you will also inspire people to start their own business, learn new skills, accomplish goals etc.

The job of the Servant Leader is to serve people.

It is impossible to build a business without people, but somehow organizations forget this.

At the first sight of missing the quarterly numbers, people are cut.

It is our job to help people enjoy their jobs. Cut out the waste and bull crap. Be flexible and open to ideas.

Great companies become great by pushing ideas from the bottom to the top.

Great leaders get out of the way and let people be creative and generate ideas.

This is Servant Leadership.


Shaston McNaspy