Trying to build a business on the side with a full time job, wife and kids is difficult.

It is less difficult if you cut the less important things out of your life or at least limit them.

Last summer, I made a dramatic move by getting rid of my playstation 4, RIP, and the TV.

This freed of tons of time for reading, writing and spending more time with my family.

For an example, yesterday, my daughter spent some time playing in our 10 x 30 pool in the backyard.

I am not sure I would of ever bought that thing, if I was still distracted by video games.

We also have made it our mission to travel through Airbnb as much as possible.

I made a commitment to spending more time with my family and on my dreams.

However, with a job change and my attachment to social media, Netflix and Amazon Prime, I am behind on my Dream work.

Because of this, I deleted my facebook app. But I still need to cut back on the streaming. Thanks a lot Stranger Things Season 3.

So today, I am making another commitment to my family and dreams.

I am committing to no streaming on week nights before bed.

I am seeing the benefits of no facebook app, I can only imagine the reward of less streaming.

I am thinking better sleep, more time on my business mind map/planning, consistent blog content, reading, and writing.

All of which are super fulfilling.

What do you need to cut out of your life to work toward your dreams more efficiently?

Live Outside the Box

Shaston McNaspy