My Investment Journey


8 years ago I knew little about investments.

What I did have is the strong will to learn, and a foundation for investment success.

You see, I had an unique financial education growing up.

My parents were in debt up to their eye balls and I watched them climb out.

I left for the Army passionate for living debt free and building wealth.

What I would do be able to advise my 18 year old self.

Can you say Bitcoin??

After 6 years of experience and growth, I was ready to start investing.

Something that helped me get into investing was Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing.”

I dug into this book and knew the best investment was starting a business and I grew a thirst to learn more about all the investing options: stock Market, business, real estate, Mutual Funds, ect.

About a month before my first child was born and at a ripe age of 24 years old, I started my Acorns ETF account. From there, I branched into individual stocks and cryptocurrency.

But, I couldn’t of done it without a solid foundation, mentally and financially.

I have heard people call investing a form of gambling.

Gambling is a game.

Investing is a worthy risk and journey.

I started down this journey, not because I want a secure retirement, but because I am passionate about financial freedom. I want money to work for me, so that one day I can step away from my 9-5. Doing so will give me more time with the most important people in my life. My wife and kids.

Hopefully I can pass down the knowledge to my kids, so that they can live out their financial goals sooner than I ever will.