What is Excellence?

What is Excellence.jpg

From Corporate America to Academia, you see the word Excellence thrown around often.

But do people really understand the meaning behind the word Excellence?

I feel like it is used carelessly.

To strive for Excellence, is no small task.

I think we need to take is more seriously.

We should understand what it means, or do not use it at all.

So let me help clarify the meaning.

About two years ago, I was in a Veteran Entrepreneur Bootcamp at the University of Houston.

I was discussing my business plan with my mentors and we were on the topic of Business Values.

With great thought and care, I came up with Excellence, Love and Diligence.

But the word Excellence struck a cord with one of the mentors.

It seemed to him, that it was too strong of a word to be a business value.

I respectfully disagreed and it is still a value.

Why? Am I stubborn? Some might think so.

No. I simply hate mediocrity. It is the bane of my existence.

People see Excellence and think “Perfection.”

It is not perfection, but the pursuit.

We are human. We are not perfect, and to expect perfection is stupid. We will fall short constantly and do daily.

But to expect Excellence is wise and manageable.

To expect Excellence from someone is to expect 100% effort, a great amount of care, and a positive attitude. Anything else, is not exceptable.

I strive for excellence in my work, and expect the same from people I work with.

Of course I am disappointed at times because excellence is not practiced enough.

If someone royally screwed the pooch, look for attitude and effort. That is something to work with.

To put it in a simple list, here is what Excellence is:

  1. Attention to Detail

  2. Continuous Improvement

  3. Love/Care

  4. Attitude

  5. Dilligence

If you strive to do well in these 5 areas, you are striving for excellence.