In midst of racing toward my goals, I am concerned if will reach them in time.

It bugs me that I am behind on some of my 2018 goals.

But, I am kicking butt on other goals.

All this was on my mind this morning.

I was sitting next to my 2 year old daughter, reading my Bible, as she was eating her breakfast.

She laid her head on my stomach, and I couldn’t help but be super encouraged.

It reassured me that my Wife and Kids are more important than my goals.

I realized that I am not in a race, but a marathon. I should slow down and enjoy the season that I am in.

I am thankful.

I have Jesus by my side, a beautiful and intelligent wife, an awesome daughter, and a baby boy on the way.

I am thankful.

As thanksgiving closes in, I encourage you to think about what is most important to you.

Is success in meeting the goals we set important? YES. But is it more important than time with your family? NO.

Reach for success, but not to an extent where you forget about the people you love most.

Be Thankful.