Poker Bookmark & My love For Reading


I love reading, and have a great knack for finding great reads.

I am always itching to find a good book on leadership, business, entrepreneurship or a new skill.

But there is something I have always struggled with: Bookmarks.

I lose them like crazy.

I was stuck with using pieces of paper or receipts. Not ideal.

One day the light bulb turned on.

I have plenty of playing cards.

Why not use playing cards as my bookmark?

Boom! Problem solved!

I know this seems little, but is very significant in my pursuit of dreams.

Without my thirst for knowledge, I’d be lost.

Every day I am thinking about my Dreams and the goals to get there.

Reading books is a huge part of getting there.

There was a time that my thirst for knowledge was low.

In elementary, we were given the freedom to choose our books. I loved to read.

In Middle School through High School, we had assigned readings.

Thus the nose dive of my reading appetite.

Not a worthy excuse for some, but being that I am a kinesthetic and creative learner, I need freedom in my learning journey. Otherwise, I get bored quickly.

After graduation, while stationed on FT Hood, I found my thirst again. I couldn’t keep the books down.

Fast forward to today, my growth has been substantial.

The most important thing I have learned on my journey is this:

Education does not equal a college degree. Education comes by investing in personal growth.

If you are interested in a certain area, you have to be prepared to put in the work to get there.

If that means years of college, then so be it.

Being that it is the Digital Age, society is realizing that an expensive degree might not be necessary for success.

While I do have an Associates Degree, I think obtaining certifications and licensing and skills are more valuable than a degree.

Whatever your goals or dreams are, a love for reading must be a big factor.

We live in the Digital Age where information is readily available. go for it!