Dream Workplace


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Since taking my first job in Corporate America, I was longing for a better culture. I had this dream work environment in my head. The company I was working for did not come close to that dream.

I am not sure any company can meet my standard except for the company I plan to start in the future. Regardless, I kept hope that there has to be a company that lines closely with my values and standards. With hope, I endured some tough times with my first corporate job out of the military. Almost 2 years later, I think I found the company that I was looking for. I was fired, and found the company in less than a month. I am thankful that they fired me because, who knows how long I would stayed.

You should not dread work. Every person deserves an environment that promotes innovation, creativity and continuous improvement.

Work should be fun and family oriented.

What is your dream workplace?

Here’s a list of my standards that I have for the dream workplace and hope to implement for my future company:

Empowering Environment

Says no to Micromanagment

4 day workweek


unlimited time off

No dress code

On site daycare or Reimbursement

Toll Road Reimbursement

Entrepreneurship Environment

Great work/life balance

Unlimited time off

Video Game lounge

Free lunch

Free snacks/drinks

Core Hours

Self Organized and Cross Functional Scrum Company

Idea/Skill incubator

Creative/Innovative/Fun Environment

Startup feel

Project Parties

People over profit

Environment that promotes the values of Love, Excellence and Diligence

Generous 401k(8% match) and Health benefit package(100%).

Financial Education