Mise En Place


According to google, “Mise En Place,”(Thank you Google), is a French culinary term for “Putting in place or Everything in its place.”

I first heard this term in my Acceleration In Mathematics(AIM) class at San Jacinto College.

AIM = College Preparatory Math + College Algebra.

Taught with two dedicated professors and collaboration among students, AIM is 5 days a week.

Unlike the traditional College Algebra class, we were set up for success. Especially for those of us who took a lengthy vacation from Mathematics.

Mise En Place was introduced to us to help manipulate word problems. On the surface these problems looked impossible but once we had all of our ingredients set aside, we were ready to solve it.

Mise En Place is useful in cooking, and mathematics, but what about business?

Like in culinary, in business there are a lot of ingredients for success. It takes time to build with the right ones and piece them all together. One wrong ingredient can ruin your dish.

The clear and simple definition of Mise En Place for me is “Preparation.”

In business, preparation is a key factor for success.

That business idea you have needs careful Mise En Place.

Business planning, building capital, branding, marketing, it all involves Mise En Place.

Your business plan is the most critical for building a solid foundation. It is your preparation for a successful launch and to get you through the first 5 years.

Society has crafted a way to get things quicker than we could ever imagine.

In business, if you don’t have the capital, you can get a business loan.

Instead of building capital on your own or seeking wise investors, you can pile debt on top of your overhead.

With Mise En Place, you do not need to go into debt to start a business.

Don’t just start a business, do it the right way. Do your Mise En Place and you will build a solid foundation to get you over that critical 5 year mark.

Mise En Place.