There is a misconception in our society.

People seem to think that you need a college degree to be successful, but it is not the degree that dictates your success.

It is in-fact your thirst for knowledge.  

Are you wiling to learn and put in the time that it takes to grow?

Are you spending more time on Netflix than you are reading books?

Are you spending more time browsing facebook than working on your craft?

Trust me.  I have been there.  But one day I woke up.  I still struggle with idle entertainment, but everyday I am striving to get better.

Am I saying not to watch Netflix or browse social media? no.  I am saying to have boundaries, and do not let it suck your time.

If you want that goal, that dream or vision you have for your life, you have to put in the time.

Replace your time on Netflix and social media with learning and perfecting your craft.

What craft does your dream require?

Soak in your craft.  Be like a sponge.  

You might have to donate your TV and cancel your cable.

People will say you are crazy. 

Tell them you are a crazy sponge, named Sponge Bob.



Shaston McNaspy