Perfect Your Craft


Little Johnny dreams at night about being an author and starting a business one day, but his parents keep telling him he needs to go to college like everyone else.  Why?  Because college equals success. 

Little Johnny is confused because his Dad went to college, makes good money, but hates his job.  How does that equal success?  How does misery in the workplace equal success, little Johnny ponders.

Before the information age, college was necessary to achieve an education.

Then Al Gore invented the Internet.

Boom!  An information revolution was born!

Depending on what your interests and passions are, you can achieve a greater education from the internet than if you spent thousands of dollars and hours on college.

The internet gives us the ability to learn a vast amount of crafts.  While college forces to regergitate knowledge and pushes you into the workforce.

The internet is a database for knowledge.

You no longer have an excuse for not being educated in America.  If you have wifi, you have access to an education.

 Wether you go to college or utilize the interweb, it starts with a thirst for knowledge.

Every dream requires a craft to build upon.

A trade, or a skill set.

A niche.

The internet allows you to find it and perfect it.  

Because the internet is so personal, the learning environment is practical.  Teachers on youtube or Udemy are not forcing you regurgitate knowledge to get a piece of paper.

They truly care about you learning and having success.

Its the information age, people are less stingy with knowledge.  The more knowledge shared, the better.

Take advantage of, youtube or the 2 day shipping of books on Amazon.

Perfect your craft.

"Dreams don't work unless we do"






Shaston McNaspy