Creative Business


Traditionally, starting a business was an analytical, black and white movie.

No color, no life.

Boom! The internet was born.

The internet created opportunities for the creator to start businesses.

No longer is business boring. To some crunching numbers, wearing ties and sitting in meetings is exciting, while others need the other side to business. The creative side.

In Digital Age, people now create businesses for the purpose of helping people, and innovation.

Profit is important, but a new generation of visionaries are realizing a better way.

People first, profit second.

Not only did the internet allow more creativity, it expanded the freelance niche.

Graphic designer, web designer, copy editor, writer, consultant, advertising, marketing, content creator; you name it the internet will oblige.

If you have the drive to work for yourself, the inter web has given us that power^10.

So don’t just start a business; create a business. Do something extraordinary.

Profit while being creative. Even crunching numbers can be exciting; but it takes creativity.

Be Creative!


Shaston McNaspy