Embrace Adversity

Do you work for corporate America?

Are you an inspiring entrepreneur?

Me too.

Sometimes, I feel shackled and trapped.

When work gets tough, it is easy to look over the fence for greener pasture.

Other times, and more recently, I have been inspired and enthusiastic about work.

I know God is preparing me for something bigger.

Everyday is a chance to get better and grow. 

Be encouraged.  Keep grinding and try to find joy in the corporate jungle.

Especially in big companies, adversity will hit.

When it does, stay strong, and keep working hard.  Be the cream that rises to the top.

In my career, I have worked in hostile environments.  I had a justified reason to look over the fence for greener grass.  But, I stayed.  I gave it to God and communicated to the appropriate channels to help ease the burden.

It is amazing what great leadership does for your work life.

What ever you do for a living, and whomever you work for,  embrace the adversity.  Take the opportunity to grow and shine.  

One day, when you are living the entrepreneur life full time, while spending more time with family, you will smile and be glad you stuck with it.



Shaston McNaspy