Find Your Craft

Photo by  James Pond  on  Unsplash

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

When I think of a Craft, I picture a brick layer, carpenter or welder. Or Trades. All of these trades or crafts take years and thousands of hours to master. In the digital age, we have creative crafts like photoshop artist, blogger, web designer or Video editor.

A craft is simply a nurtured skill.

In 2016, I found an unexpected craft. With zero photoshop experience I needed to edit an old business card but I did not have the original photoshop file.

Thanks to YouTube, a graphics arts course at San Jacinto College, and an adobe cloud membership, my photoshop journey was kicked off.

It started with editing a business card image and eventually turned into creating graphics for my blog.

Today I have the pleasure of also using my photoshop skill for work, which has helped me grow my skill level.

It amazes me how it all began.

It took hours of practice and consistency to get to the skill where I am today. For almost 2 years, I used most lunch breaks to write and create graphics for this blog. By no means would I call myself a graphic designer. For one, I stink at drawing, but I can hold my own on a blog graphic and a basic logo. My skill level fits perfectly with promoting my blog. If I need to move up to a new level, I have the ability to do so.

Do you have a skill that you are interested in? Even if it seems like you are light years away from growing that skill to an adequate level, try it anyways. Photoshop, writing, blogging, podcasting, video editing, woodwork, coding; whatever it is, carve out some time to learn. You never know where that skill will take you.

Learning Photoshop seemed like a tall order at the time, but looking back, I was simply making time for something I love doing. I love creating.

That’s the key for finding the right skills. Your heart and soul has to be dedicated. You are not just finding a skill, you are finding something you love doing. Ask yourself this: “If money wasn’t an issue, would I do this without pay? If there is answer yes or heck yes, you found your skill.

Once you have nurtured your skill into a craft, you can then create a niche.

I started life early with the skill of writing and learned a complimentary skill in photoshop at age 25. These skills, plus the ability to manage a blog, have morphed into a content creation niche.

Society teaches the status quo of going to college and getting a job.

There’s a different path in life. The Entrepreneur path.

Thankfully, the digital age make the entrepreneur path simpler.

Wether you freelance as a designer, a writer or Youtube creator, or start your own business, the digital age makes this possible on a wide scale.

Find a skill that you would love doing, nurture it into a craft, and create a niche.


Shaston McNaspy