Action over Perfection

Photo by  David van Dijk  on  Unsplash

One of the biggest threats to a business, is perfection. The desire for perfection breeds micromanagement and fear.

As an entrepreneur, it is natural to want people to do things 100% like us. This is not realistic. Every person is different. Is it possible to find people that do things similarly or have similar mindsets? Yes, but not perfect.

Instead of perfection we need to focus on action. Will you make a mistake? Absolutely. But, that is how we learn. Take a step forward, learn from that step and keep improving.

I am a huge supporter of Agile continuous improvement. The idea that improvement is in a continuous cycle.

The focus for Agile is in development, but it should be in all areas of business.

We need to continuously try new ideas. Keep the good ones and throw the bad ones.

Never stop seeking improvement and listening to new ideas.

Without this mentality, a business will not grow.

The company I am at now, had been using the same powerpoint theme for years. No change.

The theme was cluttered and boring.

I quickly realized that we needed a fresh look.

But, implementing the new theme was like pulling teeth.

People were afraid if we changed it, clients wouldn’t like it. Or if we went from 4:3 ratio to 16:9 widescreen, it would be a disaster when it came time to present. There was a clear fear of change.

To get over the hump in business, we have to be quick to change, and empower people to make those changes. if the idea doesn’t pan out, empower them to try something different.

Continuously make changes and improve. Take action over perfection.