Don’t just build a business. Build a community.

At the core of every person, there is a longing for community.

Old School of thought is two use people like robots. Money fully drives the business, not people

New School of thought puts people first, and builds a community. A place where people feel welcome, empowered and connected. A place where work is left at work. This community understands that you have a life outside of work.

Do you dread going to work? Maybe what you are missing is a community.

This is my dream for when I start my own company.

I want a place where people loving doing their work.

A place where people are truly valued, and they are given the freedom to be creative.

A place where people are not micromanaged.

A place where teamwork thrives. Teamwork is the foundation of the company.

This kind of atmosphere starts from the top.

When I daydream, this is what I think about. A community of people doing their best work and creating an awesome product.

Are you dreaming about starting your own company one day? Don’t just start a company, start a community.

Live Outside The Box

Shaston McNaspy