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You are Entrepreneur at heart. You live and breath business. You have your future business mapped out. (Don’t worry if you don’t, but feel free try it out.) But you are stuck in a 9-5 job. It could be something you enjoy or something you hate, but either way you are not doing what you were born to do.

Build a business, lead people and leave a legacy.

On top of that you have a boss who micromanages. No one hates this more than entrepreneurs. We dislike being told what to do, but we hate being micromanaged.

To me it is the best way to demotivate people at work.

I am currently in this situation. I enjoy my work in a software company. We build a valuable product. It’s truly a joy to be a part of it. But, outside the development team, the sales and delivery team is almost non existent and micromanagement and control lives and breathes.

I’ve been dealing with this for months and keep wondering why. Today I discovered why.

Five or ten years from now, when I am leading my own business, I will know how not lead people.

I have probably seen more poor leadership than good in my business experience. From military, to student to employee, Great leaders are rare.

I want to be a part of that rare group.

I want people that are helping me build a sustaining business feel valued, empowered, loved and rested.

Micromanagement is the opposite of all four of these.

Micromanagement drains people.

The thing about people is that we are not robots. Everything we do and every interaction with other people, requires energy. Those tasks or interactions can energize us or drain us. Work will tire us for sure, but should we feel drained afterwards?

I want to do my best in building a business were people do their best work and retire at the end of the day feeling fulfilled, not drained.

So I will observe make sure others won’t have to suffer toxic leadership later.

Shaston McNaspy