Continuous Improvement Ninja

Cont. Improvement Ninja.png

There’s two type of leaders in Business:

Those that allow stagnation and do not allow ideas to flow from the bottom ranks.

Those that create new ideas and inspire other to create ideas as well.

The people that are creative and inspire others to be creative are Continuous Improvement Ninjas

Whether you are an employee, manager or CEO, you should be a Continuous Improvement Ninja

Keep throwing ideas in the pot, no matter how cynical people can be. Do not stop being creative..

I recently decided that I wouldn’t stop either.

I have been facing resistance with ideas, at work and in my personal life. It started to discourage me. Finally I made up my mind to keep going. To keep creating ideas and throwing those ideas in the pot. It could be a bad idea after looking deeper, but it’s a chance to brainstorm. Somebody else might have a similar idea.

Every two weeks at my company we have a retrospective meeting to bring up ideas for improvement. Every retro meeting,I try to have something to contribute. It could be a small, bad or a great idea. The point is creativity.

When a company doesn’t allow creativity, it becomes stagnate. When a company becomes stagnate, people become unhappy and the company doesn’t grow. Without growth, a company can not do more for its people. It’s a vicious cycle.

It all boils down to people. People need creativity to be fulfilled in their job.

It’s the leaders job to allow that creativity to flow freely.

Hire, create and be a Continuous Improvement Ninja.


Shaston McNaspy